From my specific areas of expertise, I've crafted workshops and seminars focused on topics relevant to patients affected by obesity, health care providers, and employers. Explore some of my offerings below, but keep in mind that I believe it's important to cater learning to each conference, company, group, or clinic. I'm glad to customize presentations or help you develop your own training modules.

  • Seminars & Workshops

    • Bariatric Behavioral Health Services: Taking your Practice Beyond the Initial Pre-op Assessment
    • Obesity and Food Insecurity
    • Obesity Sensitivity: Implications for Bariatric Centers
    • Obesity Sensitivity and the role of the Public Health Provider
    • Obesity Sensitivity Training: Healthcare Setting
    • A Bariatric Surgery Patient’s Relationship with Food: Emotional Eating and How it Can Affect Outcome Following Bariatric Surgery
    • Holiday Headwork™
    • But I Deserve a Treat: Understanding the Emotional Eating Roller Coaster
    • Your Mind Matters: A Cognitive Therapy Approach to Treating Obesity 
    • Obesity and the Psychology of Eating
  • Patient-Focused Headwork™ Topics

    • Emotional Eating: Healing your Relationship with Food 
    • Bariatric Surgery: The Role of Cognitive Therapy 
    • Body Image and the Bariatric Journey
    • Bariatric Grief 
    • Coping with Weight Stigma and Bias
    • Family & Friend Support on the Bariatric Journey
    • Understanding Food Addiction
    • Bariatric Boundaries
  • ObesityHelp

    ObesityHelp Conference 2019
    Fireside Chat: Facing the Truth, Regain Happens!

  • Bariatric Retreat Keynote 2023

    Keynote Speaker | San Antonio, Texas
    Emotional Eating: "What are you REALLY Hungering For?"


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ASMBS Committee Service:

  • Current member serving on the Surgical Support Group Committee.
  • Former members of the Multi-disciplinary Committee.

Annual Meeting Contributions:

  1. Course Co- Director :  Support Group Symposium “Thinking out of the Virtual Box” Invited co-course Director for CME Symposium at ASMBS-Integrated Health Program at the Annual ASMBS Conference, Dallas, TX. June 8, 2022 
  2. Course Co-Director : Support Group Professional Networking Session: Invired Co-Director  at the Annual ASMBS Conference, Dallas, Texas June 8, 2022 
  3.  Course Director: “I thought I was stressed before….Re-engaging Staff: Burnout and Wellness”  Invited CME Course Director  for ASMBS Weekend Annual meeting. Virtual. January 29, 2021.   
  4.  Session Presenter: ( speaker)  “I  thought I was stressed before….Re-engaging Staff: Burnout and Wellness.” Invited CME speaker for ASMBS Weekend Annual meeting. Virtual. January 29, 2021.    
  5. Session Presenter: ( speaker)  “ Social Support for Post bariatric Patients:  Building a Patients Support System for for Better Post-Op Outcome”  Invited CME Speaker for CME Pre-conference Symposium at ObesityWeek 2016 Nashville, TN 2016 
  6. ASMBS IH Webinar Panelist : “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy : Integrating Behavioral Change Strategies into Your Practice”  March 2020
  7. ASMBS IH Webinar Panelist:  “Who You Gonna Call: Caring for Patients from an Integrated Health Perspective. “ ( Using Telemedicine as the Covid-19 pandemic continues) October 2020

Michigan State Chapter Contributions

  1. Michigan Bariatric Society 2013 Meeting: Keynote Speaker:  A Bariatric Surgery Patients Relationship with Food: Emotional Eating and how it can Affect Outcome following Bariatric Surgery”  
  2. Michigan Bariatric Society 2016 Meeting:  Speaker : Obesity Sensitivity: Implications for the Bariatric Center 
  3. Michigan Bariatric Society 2018 Meeting: Keynote Speaker: Two Sisters and a Sleeve: Building a Patient Support System for Better Post-Op Outcome  ( I did this presentation with my sister who had VSG November 2017)


Bariatric Retreat, November 2023, San Antonio, Tx:- Keynote Speaker 

“Emotional Eating: What are you Really Hungering After? “

Bariatric Retreat, November 2023, San Antonio, TX:- Workshop Speaker 

“Boundaries Brainstorm Panelist: Navigating the Holidays as a Bariatric Patient “

 Virtual Bariatric Symposium. July 2023 - Workshop Speaker 

“ Bariatric Surgery and Alcohol Use Disorder; Food to Booze” 

AdventHealth Bariatric Retreat, April 2022, Orlando, FL: Workshop Speaker

“Understanding Relapse & Regain on the Bariatric Journey “

“Losing More than Weight: Understanding the Waves of Grief & Loss on the Bariatric Journey “

Obesity Help National Conference 2019, Anaheim, CA - Workshop Speaker

“Headwork™: Could it be the Missing Piece of your Bariatric Surgery Journey? “

Obesity Help National Conference 2019, Anaheim, CA  - Ask the Expert Panelist

“Facing the Truth, Regain Happens! “ 

Western Michigan University Medical School Obesity Symposium 2019, Kalamazoo, MI  - Keynote Speaker

“Obesity Sensitivity and the Healthcare Professional”  

Obesity Week 2018, Nashville, TN - Speaker

“Social Support for Post-Bariatric Patients “

Michigan WIC Training and Educational Conference 2017, Traverse City, MI -Workshop Speaker 

“ Headwork™ for Health: The Missing Piece of the Obesity Epidemic” 

Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference 2016, Lansing, MI  - Speaker

"Headwork for Health: The Missing Piece of the Obesity Epidemic "


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